Vision Quest

   Vision Quest             Scheerder Zilliacus

When your Soul needs the freedom of nature

There comes a time in your life; you have to leave all your people behind; go out in nature,

all by yourself and in silence. When there is this longing in the Soul to manifest more of your life on earth.


The way we guide Vision Questers since the '80s is inspired by Rites of Passage, retreats and initiations as we found them, and learned them in native communities on different continents and in different traditions. We are grateful for Nature, Spirit, all the Questers and our cooperation that deepened and empowered our guiding. Together we empowered this ritual towards its essence.


Vision Quest and self-sponsored retreats 2020:


 In Sweden:                       All year round on request; Individuals and groups. Contact us by e-mail.


 In Finland, archipelago:     2020 August

 In Portugal:                      2020 November

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 We offer retreats for private and corporate groups and teams. We cooperate in different countries. 


We guide you in a professional way without interfering in your contact with nature and the spiritual world.

We support you to carry home all of your experience and vision to unfold in your future.


Its all about empowerment, healing, honoring

and gratefulness.

Towards a more harmonious way to handle yourself and the world.


Sweden, Göjeholm and Bokelund


This is where we live in nature


The Vision Quest is part of our every day life and a powerful and sacred time


We are both trained and certyfied in modern and native psychology and medicine.


Frans Scheerder:

Annika Zilliacus :