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When your Soul needs the freedom of nature


We organize our Nature Retreats within a seven day program. You are prepared on all levels before your time alone in nature. As you return we offer a debriefing to help you carry home all of your experience. The time alone starts and ends with a Sweat lodge ceremony as a gateway to the extended reality. The time alone in nature is a time of fasting, you only drink water or some tea.


The way we guide Vision Questers for over 25 years is inspired by Rites de Passage, retreats and initiations as we found them, and learned them in native communities on different continents and in different traditions. We are grateful for Nature and all the Questers that deepend and empowered our guiding.


Vision Quest and self sponsered retreats 2018:


In Sweden: All year around on request; Individual and groups.

Also: May 25 - June 3 (Annika)

June 23 -30 (Frans)

In Finland, archipelago: August 21 - 29 (Annika)

In Portugal: November 1 - 11 (Frans)

• All year around We offer individual Vision Quests. Also couples and groups are welcome for retreats.

You are most welcome with your request.


Some of the Retreats we have in cooperation, in Holland with Geert Graveland, in Belgium with Jean Verstraete







Sweden, Göjeholm and Bokelund


This is where we live in nature


The Vision Quest is part of our every day life and a powerful and sacred time









We offer retreats for private and corporate groups and teams. We are both trained and certyfied in western and native psychology and medicine.


Its all about empowerment, healing and honoring.










We guide you in a professional way without interfering in your contact with nature and the spiritual world. We support you to carry home your experience and vision to unfold in your future.


Frans Scheerder

Annika Zilliacus

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